¾ of the CLT crew at rest after a hard hours work.
"Wonder how long it will be until Doug notices that we are gone?"
"How can I get a majority stake in this operation?" "G" says that I get to pick the next piece of machinery. Click my pic to see what I'm thinking.
"All this could someday be mine?" First Aid Providers Haley demonstrates her math skills by showing the algebraic formula for 2 + 2.
Savannah spreads her wings. The Twins at rest. Christmas 2006, "So Long Beannie".
"Our Favorite Rose" "She is a Cheerleader for the Browns..." "Everyone has Something to do..."
"Haley is Happy with this Dress" "Haley's Seamstresses" "CAUTION: Contents Under Pressure!"
"Has Anyone Seen Our Kiln?" "Dylan herding Ducks" "SKATERS"
"Chow Time!" "The Terrible Trio & Their Faithful Crumbsnatcher" "D & the Dinos"
"Family Shot" "How's This Work?" "G says I'm the New #1"
"Walk With Me" "Play With Me" "Sir Dylan & His Captive!"